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Some of the areas covered during their stay are:

Healthy Living & Eating well

  • Keeping good hygiene

  • Avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and drugs


Self-Determination & Self-Management

  • Know yourself - your strengths, limitations

  • Managing time

  • Set priorities

  • Monitor performance

  • Adapt and accept change

  • Advocate for yourself to meet your needs

  • Learn from mistakes


Inner Strength and Good Choices

  • Efficacious communication

  • Critical thinking (making good decisions for life)

  • Promoting good peer pressure

  • Problem-solving

  • Creative thinking

  • Interpersonal relationship skills 

  • Self-awareness

  • Empathy

  • Coping with stress and emotions

Personal Appearance 

  • Basic clothing repair

  • Ironing garments

  • Fold, put away clothes neatly

  • Dressing for success (you are what you wear)




Financial Literacy

  • Understand gross/net pay, deductions

  • Make a budget - stick to it

  • Use a bank and/or ATM/On-Line banking

  • Apply for a credit card, use wisely

  • Savings Account

  • Keep track of documents to file taxes


Technology Use

  • Use social media responsibly

  • Know cyber presence

  • Validate sources of information

  • Maintain safe identity 

  • Know current technology applications, programs, hardware


Reproductive Health and Sexuality

  • Understanding puberty and sexuality

  • Learning about menstruation

  • Knowing about birth control

  • Avoiding sexually transmitted infections

Our efforts to empower girls is based on the belief that every girl deserves to love themselves and their body and to have opportunities which allow you to make choices that benefits yourself, your family, and the community.

 ‟Bout That Life” - endeavors to empower Service Partners with the rudimentary life skills to live independently. Life skills are abilities for adaptive behavior which enable Service Partners to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. 

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