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character and timeless beauty!





Hey Pretty is our behavior and character-building component. Our objective is to use six pillars that strengthen and build character.  Nurturing of these components is facilitated in groups, forums, and workshops, as well as, being applied throughout the Service Partner's daily living.


  • Trustworthiness   

    • Trust is the basis of all good relationships and a cornerstone of good character. Our program inculcates girls with:

      1. keeping promises – being a person of their word

      2. reliability—following through on commitments

      3. honesty

      4. keeping a secret, not betraying trust

      5. integrity—not caving into temptation

      6. loyalty—when appropriate.

  • Respect

    • Service Partners learn the tenants of respect: 

      1. treating others the way you want to be treated

      2. having consideration for others

      3. treating people with civility, courtesy, and dignity

      4. being accepting of differences

      5. solving problems without violence

      6. not ridiculing, embarrassing, or hurting others.







  • Responsibility

    • Our girls learn principles which accompany responsibility:

      1. doing what needs to be done

      2. being reliable and dependable

      3. being accountable for your actions; not making excuses or blaming others

      4. fulfilling your moral obligations

      5. using good judgment, thinking through the consequences of your actions

      6. exercising self-control.

  • Fairness

    • We teach the rudiments of fairness in such an unfair society. The features of fairness for D.I.V.I.N.E. Intervention are:

      1. treat others better than the way you want to be treated

      2. treat people equally and impartially

      3. consider the feelings of all people who will be affected by your actions

      4. be open-minded and reasonable

      5. play by the rules

      6. don’t take advantage of others.

  • Caring

    • Features taught about caring are:

      1. being responsive to the concerns and needs of others

      2. treating others with kindness, concern, and generosity

      3. being charitable

      4. giving of yourself for the benefit of others

      5. being kind, compassionate, and sensitive.

  • Citizenship

    • Learning what it means to be a model citizen is critical. The areas of citizenship we cover are:

      1. being socially responsible – civic responsibility

      2. doing your part for the common good

      3. making democracy work by voicing your opinions, voting, and participating in the decision-making process

      4. performing community service

      5. helping to take care of the environment

      6. obeying the law.

Service Partner’s behavior management is implemented at the Orientation Level, in conjunction with their Behavior Management Plan.

We depend on our five (5) levels (Orientation, Apprentice, Scholar, Master, and Fellow) and its privileges and natural consequences to help with improving behavior coupled with workshops and forums from community experts.

Outside-In focuses on controlling anger, working out conflicts, listening, and bullying in addition to one’s personal appearance.

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