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The quintessence of all of our programming is EDUCATION. WE make learning fun.

We are making DIVINE connections via programming


Although we are a rigorous learning organization for all youth, we promote fun in our learning with games and prizes. We are incentive based. Learning is rewarded through ways youth can relate - current technology, gadgets, and, a prize station our scholars create through their personal wish list.

We engage our youth by continuously involving them in our decision-making processes: we form focus groups and take the data from the sessions and create programming and policy. Subsequently, our policy decisions, programs, and services delivered to them are appropriate, relevant, supported, and responsive to their needs. 

Our scholars (participants) learn 50 advanced vocabulary words each summer and 10 words per month for our scholars who live in the Emergency Shelter and Group Home.



DIVINE Intervention is our Emergency Shelter and Group Home. It's a safe space where girls transform into young ladies with purpose. We serve the girls in Minnesota who have experienced acute trauma, are at-risk of, being sexually trafficked and/or sexually exploited. 

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