There is limitless opportunity for

their language skills to flourish when they're given a Verbal Advantage! 

Verbal Advantage is where we challenge Service Partners to improve their vocabulary.

One of the goals of Verbal Advantage is to build vocabulary so Service Partners are empowered to express their emotions (anger, joy, etc.). We want to introduce them to the dictionary to showcase the comprehensiveness of the English language.


They will be given a list of ten (10) advanced vocabulary words every month on the first and tested on the words on the last day of each month. The tests are point-based and the points transmute into dollars. Four (4) to six (6) tests given at the end of every month: spelling, definition, sentence, extra credit, bonus, and synonym and antonym test. All the test points transfer into $2.00 each aside from the synonym/antonym test which has no limit. They earn .10¢ per correct synonym/antonym, ultimately earning






personal money. If the Service Partner is on a life skills track, the money is used to open bank accounts and assist with financial literacy, as well as, purchasing personal items.

To aid with learning the words, the staff coaches Service Partners in developing mnemonics. The key to this approach is learning more about the Service Partner in order to create an efficacious mnemonic.

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