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Dr. Aretta-Rie Johnson
Founder &
Chief Officer
Personal Mission
"To devote myself to seeking knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to live a life worthy of bearing fruit!".

Dr. Aretta-Rie Johnson is an administrator, consultant, photographer, visionary, pastor, mother, wife, and insightful educator who has served in the nonprofit area for decades working with youth. D.I.V.I.N.E. Institute (DIVINE) evolved in response to keeping her children occupied in the summer by improving their vocabulary and manners. Subsequently, DIVINE was incorporated and in 1999 and received its charitable organization designation - 501 (c) (3). 

Aretta-Rie Johnson rears from a family of service and endeavors to continue the legacy. She began her nonprofit service working with her uncle (the late Reverend Walter L. Battle) at Refuge Christian Youth Center, Action Workshop, and Institute of Learning, during her teenage and young adult years. This is where her love for youth derived.

Johnson’s love for youth was perpetuated by working in her mother’s daycare and foster home for many years until she purchased a home exclusively for

shelter services. After marrying (Kevin Johnson), Aretta-Rie became a foster parent with Ramsey County (1989) until she moved to Sherburne County


DIVINE was incorporated in 1994. Aretta-Rie used a doctoral level

Grantsmanship class as a tool to apply for a 501 (c) (3). Since, DIVINE has become a premier vocabulary program for summer learning and partners with the  

Several parents and scholars began to ask Aretta-Rie to consider opening a school or boarding house. After much contemplation, she purchased a home in Ramsey County for a group home and named it DIVINE Intervention as a strategy to continue helping girls have fun under the auspices of education while discovering their passion.

DIVINE Intervention received a new designation in November 2021 to serve girls in Minnesota who have experienced, are at-risk of, being sexually trafficked and/or sexually exploited. 


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